Sometimes new concepts need to be experienced to be trusted. You build something and watch as an idea or concept comes to life. But what if, once constructed, you realize that it isn’t as you imagined your product would be? That by walking around and building your project, you discover that the real product or finished assembly has inconsistencies, flaws or errors that are not evident in concepts or designs until you experienced the build. At this point, what you have built is scrap, design changes will set you back weeks, if not months, and costs will certainly rise – if redesigning this late in the game is even an option. If it’s not, going to market with a less than perfect product or flawed process might be a reality you must come to terms with.

Or, what if you could work in a virtual world where you could bring your product to life—really experience building, operating, or maintaining it – without physically constructing a single thing. In this immersive Virtual Reality, you can walk around your product in a true-to-life environment at a 1:1 scale, looking at it, reaching for needed tools, and interact with your new product concepts as you, or your customers, would in real life. In this way, any unforeseen assembly, operating, and maintenance challenges that are not acceptable can be experienced in time to identify them and fix them. Fully digital, virtual, and before decisions are “cast in stone”.

With IC.IDO this – and much more – awaits you.


  • 一流的沉浸式接口 - 实际上没有障碍,与您的产品互动
  • True-to-life interaction with product, assembly cells & tools, and maintenance environments
  • Fast turnaround results – from data acquisition and preparation to analysis and sharing
  • Real-time collaborative decision making – make decisions and evaluate corrective actions with your team regardless of your physical location
  • Performance – gain access to large and complex data sets in real-time to see your complete products in interactive contexts


Eric Beremis Baier Laia
MFG2020 / FCA LATAM的虚拟现实专家

Virtual Integration

We apply Virtual Reality in engineering with a holistic approach, recognizing that VR has value beyond visualization for cross-functional teams at major review gates and fulfills a role for the engineer performing in-process packaging or functional reviews. Engineering the best products require more than a mere focus on deterministic simulation but also designers and engineers to integrate their products, processes, and people to ensure the highest safety, quality, cost, and delivery time performance.



The creation of production-intent prototypes and mock-up builds of products, would often give insight into the assembly and service of the product, inform engineers and designers of potential conflicts between the design intent and practical completion of the product, and raise physical constraint issues that may not have been envisioned during the packaging and space claim planning for the product.

Integration challenges包括:

  • static and dynamic space-claim of components
  • cable and hose routing
  • installation and removal of components or parts
  • customer acceptance (bespoke or highly customized products)
  • in-situ part movement, rocking, or shifting
  • visibility andaccessibility要求
  • design for assembly and service requirements engineering

虚拟构建 - 组装与生产



虚拟服务 - 销售支持之后

Planning for effective service need not wait until practical prototypes or production products are available




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