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Défi relevé en huit mois ! Farasis remporte le marché d’un constructeur automobile allemand grâce à un prototype virtuel de batterie électrique qui dépasse les attentes

Performance Virtuelle
Transports terrestres
Il y a à peine 8 mois, nous avions une capacité limitée en termes de prototypage virtuel et aujourd’hui, nous avons remporté ces marchés. Le responsable du programme global en charge du processus marchés ne tarissait pas d’éloges sur la simulation mécanique et sur l’aide décisive qu’elle pouvant nous apporter dans la phase de validation de conception. Nous n’aurions pas pu le faire sans ESI. Notre partenariat avec ESI est vraiment stratégique pour porter nos capacités de simulation au meilleur niveau mondial.
Matt Klein博士工程分析和建模Farasis Energy,Inc。

In just 8 months, we went from limited Virtual Prototyping capability to winning those bids. The head of the whole program conducting the bidding process went out of his way to tell us that the mechanical simulation was an instrumental part in helping us get the design approved. We could not have done that without ESI. Our partnership with ESI is truly strategic in bringing our simulation capabilities to a global leading standard.

Dr. Matt Klein
Manager for Engineering Analysis and Modeling / Farasis Energy, Inc.

A New Player Enters the EV Game

The move of the automotive industry toward electrification is seemingly unstoppable. OEMs are announcing aggressive plans for Electric Vehicle (EV) production, and the International Energy Agency says the number of EVs will grow from 3 to 125 million by 2030. So, it’s no wonder that new players are entering the market, breaking the traditional rules of product design – new players like lithium-ion battery maker Farasis Energy. Looking to collect wins in this fast-growing market, the team at Farasis was able to gain the expertise and Virtual Prototyping capabilities to prove to a major German OEM that they were the best supplier – based solely on a virtual prototype. But how did they go from little simulation knowledge to won in just a few months?

OEM Says “No Thank You” to Physical Testing

Farasis Energy,Inc。于2002年在加利福尼亚成立,是锂离子电池技术的开发商和供应商。在中国的总部,硅谷的技术研究中心以及亚洲和欧洲的几家大型制造工厂,他们是该行业的领导者。Farasis见证了电动汽车市场的指数增长,这是一个扩大业务的机会。我们与法拉西斯(Farasis)工程分析和建模经理Matt Klein博士进行了交谈,后者告诉我们他的公司经验竞标,招标了大型德国汽车OEM。2018年初,他们收到了来自德国OEM的新电池模块的开发请求。竞标通常需要进行物理测试以及虚拟测试(即模拟)。法拉西斯知道他们将在很短的时间内工作。的确,要使电动汽车的市场更快,更安全,比他们的竞争更好,OEM和供应商需要比以往任何时候都更快地验证其车辆和零件的可靠性。OEM进一步加速了程序时间表。克莱因(Klein)博士回忆说:“在招标过程中,OEM实际上决定删除物理原型步骤 - 他们将根据虚拟原型做出决定。”

Simulation for the Win

克莱因(Klein)和他的团队与ESI合作时并未措手不及,依靠软件提供商对汽车行业的可靠知识以及由于虚拟原型的实现而实际上提供了实际结果的能力。他将ESI的域专业知识和解决方案功能的结合描述为对项目的成功至关重要。建立一个的能力global (single-core) model, covering all engineering domains, led to a highly efficient workflow and ultimately a cost-effective solution for Farasis.

An Evolving Partnership

ESI is now putting in place a platform for Farasis’s international team of CAE engineers, one that is fully automated and customized to their way of working. Thanks to this platform, the Farasis team will work together - regardless of what continent they are on - with great efficiency and transparency, on common Virtual Prototyping models. And what began as a bilateral partnership has quickly evolved into an ecosystem comprised of three major players – Farasis, ESI Group, and the automotive OEM – all hungry to tap into the EV market. Since their win, business is booming in Germany and China, and in his new role as
Global CAE Director, Klein plans to create a robust, global simulation team with the help of ESI.

We are keeping Farasis in our sights – and so should you.

About Farasis Energy, Inc.

We are spearheading the global energy transformation and are committed to providing world-leading clean energy products and services. With strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities, Farasis has developed rapidly in the fields of lithium-ion battery applications such as transportation, energy storage, and heavy machinery, and are pioneering innovation in the evolving field of electrification.

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