1 January 2022 - 31 December 2022


All this is no longer efficiently achievable with single-point numerical simulations. Instead, automakers need to紧密地耦合工程和制造世界,以便尽早做出正确的选择。

Introductory Webinar - Engineer & Manufacture Multi-MaterialBody and Chassis Assemblies with Confidence


From frontloaded manufacturing feasibility assessment for design, over predictive performance analysis considering the manufacturing impact, through to the complete simulation and validation of the manufacturing processes early in the development – this introductory Webinar will explain our end-to-end vision with target to get the assembly right the first time.提高身体和底盘组装的尺寸精度,优化您的制造工艺,并使质量合规性控制 - 全部虚拟在流体之旅中通过生产。

In addition, with regards to the electrification challenge, multi-material assemblies are key to producing vehicle bodies with the best cost-lightweight ratio. However, currently higher investments on the powertrain side translate into more conservative investments on the body and chassis side. This increases the pressure to achieve better cost efficiency in engineering and manufacturing for those vehicles.



网络研讨会2 - 装配失真控制和感知质量|门和关闭


用轻质材料制造汽车是一个挑战meeting tolerance requirements and final perceived quality, with the consequence to increase the risks for over-spending in the try-out phase. To meet customer’s high demands while minimizing cost, OEMs must ensure class leading craftsmanship and operational performance of manufacturing processes.


In this webinar we will discuss how virtual prototyping can help engineers to manage the key manufacturing and assembly processes for Doors and Closures – all along the development cycle.


Webinar 3 -装配失真控制和碰撞预测|BiW Assemblies


Ensuring the dimensional accuracy of a complete Body in White (BiW) during the pre-production phase is a balancing act between dealing with the realities of distributed supply chain and aggressive timelines to achieve a repeatable, robust, and reliable final assembly. Whether the final distortions are the result of decisions made in the weld fixture design, inaccuracies in constituent sheet metal parts and sub-assemblies, unanticipated thermal distortion effects, or from any other sources, it is a big challenge to manage the distortions on the final assembly.


This webinar will cover how to manage distortion of assemblies at various stages of the process, and how to use results of spot welded assemblies for crash prediction.

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网络研讨会4 -装配失真控制和疲劳预测|底盘和悬架

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While lightweight designs & the use of high strength material are a key enabler for lighter and more performant chassis and suspension components, this also brings more spring back and less formability of the parts, and more challenges for excellence in fabrication of parts & assemblies, and consequently the overall cost and time spent. Chassis of larger seam welded transportation vehicles incorporate in general a significant effort to control and eventually repair distortion, as well as any seam welded aluminum design.