Our Purpose

Boost human creativity to drive industrial performance to ever higher levels

At ESI Group, our purpose is toboost human creativity to drive industrial performance to ever higher levels.

Our purpose is a bold affirmation of our historical, ethical and practical terms, as well as an expression of our journey as a leading innovator in Virtual Prototyping software and services. This purpose is also our guiding star, stimulating change and progress toward what we are seeking to achieve with our entire ecosystem, while keeping human well-being and human creativity in the heart of our business.

CorporateSocial Responsibility

Aware of our responsibility in each of the pillars of sustainable development, we have gradually devised a CSR policy that contributes to shared economic and social development and the preservation of human equilibrium

Divided into 4 pillars and cascaded in 13 commitments, ESI’s CSR strategy aims at providing sustainable solutions forCUSTOMERS, while being committed to itsEMPLOYEES, acting ethically and responsibly withCIVIL SOCIETYand limiting its environmental footprint and the one of its customers on thePLANET.

Read more below about the following topics:CSR commitments, our support of the UN Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as our materiality assessment.

Since 2018, ESI Group signed the Global Compact (United Nations Global Compact) and thus undertakes to align its CSR strategy on the 10 United Nations principles, relating to human rights, international labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption. The Group also undertakes to yearly communicate its progress to its stakeholders through the release of a Communication on Progress (COP).

SustainableDevelopment Goals
In 2015, the United Nations defined a list of 17 sustainable development goals ("SDGs"), meeting global challenges such as poverty, inequality, education and environmental degradation. Throughout its value chainand its CSR strategy, ESI Group addresses10 different西班牙。

ESI'sMateriality Matrix

In 2020, ESI Group has updated its materiality matrix: a key tool in the execution of the company’s CSR strategy, making it possible to define its priorities according to their importance for the Group’s stakeholders, as well as their impact on ESI’s performance. For more information, please refer to the 2020 Universal Registration Document, availablehere.

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Being rewarded for its continuous improvement approach to its social, societal, environmental and governance practices, ESI Group has once again ranked first in the 2020 Gaïa campaign for mid-caps with annual revenues under €150 million. Also achieved between 2016 and 2018, this his distinction reflects, once again, the Group’s continuous commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Communication on Progress(COP)

Click on the picture below to downloadthe 2020 COP statement on extra-financial performance extracted from our 2020 Universal Registration Document.

COP 2020


Our Values inspire our daily relations with our colleagues and fortify ESI’s commitment to be a united Company.

激情– We have a passion for innovation and excellence

The heart of our organization is our capacity for innovation, supported by our drive to achieve excellence. Our passion for Virtual Product Engineering is the key to our motivation and success. We strive to build a supportive environment that fosters innovation and creativity, allowing us to better serve the needs of our customers. Passion is the reason ESI delivers the highest quality every day.
Ultimately, we measure the success of our innovations through our customer’s success.

GLOBAL– We are rich in diversity

The power of our highly innovative solutions enables us to be successful on a global scale. Being a global company, we are proud to have a multicultural and diverse workforce.
我们的价值差异,并鼓励我们的背影e to share their ideas across borders for creating an efficient and cutting-edge workplace, allowing us to better serve our global customers.
Founded in France over 40 years ago, ESI is now present in more than 20 countries. We seek to extend our know-how and expertise by finding the best talents across the globe.

CHANGE– We are committed to improving ourselves every day

To us, change means constantly improving and innovating as new technologies and ideas come about. We welcome new challenges with enthusiasm and see them as opportunities for growth and improvement.
Innovation knows no routine! New joiners and our experts appreciate global creativity and are always taking part in change.

TRUST– We believe in one other

We spend time developing and nurturing trusting relationships to ensure our organization is successful and harmonious. Mutual respect, team spirit and healthy relationships are key to our work ethics.
We pay close attention to all beliefs and strive to demonstrate professionalism, loyalty and integrity in all of our interactions.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY– We respect people and contribute to inclusive growth and sustainable development

With the support of ESI’s Virtual Product Engineering software and services, our customers are committed to developing better products, reaching the highest standards of environmental protection, while significantly limiting waste and gas emissions.
ESI’s teams participate in social value-added applications in domains such as safety, health and contributing to a greener environment.
Within our walls, we work every day to create a respectful and ethical workplace to contribute to the well-being of all. We create a stimulating and open work culture that promotes people for their knowledge, skills and experience as essential team members.

Also, ESI has been embracing a deeply multi-cultural path from its very beginning, deepening on our geographic diversity and leadership from all continents. We also developed high ethics standards which are reflected in the specific section below. Furthermore, our employees received a mandatory training to ensure a better understanding of this Charter and be aware of our engagements.

ENERGY– We meet every challenge with energy and determination

Energy is the source of our determination. We work together in a united spirit, actively collaborating to solve tough challenges and to develop innovative solutions.

Our energy drives our enthusiasm and motivation, qualities that characterize each and every colleague here at ESI. It is in this spirit that we approach our task of meeting our customers’ goals.


In a context which is becoming increasingly global and complex, it is essential to establish an Ethics policy that provides a real reference structure, and shares principles and practices.

Read more below about the following topics:the Ethics Charter & Committee, Gender equality, Anti-corruption and Non-discrimination policy.

Ethic Charter

Guiding each person to conduct their mission in the same spirit, the ESI’s Ethics Charter sets out the fundamental principles and the rules of conduct to be adopted by every one of us to ensure compliance with the law and delivery on our commitments.
This Charter also sets out the kind of relationships that we wish to maintain within the company to ensure a strong internal teamwork, and constructive collaboration and cooperation with our stakeholders (clients, suppliers, shareholders, partners…).

Download the 2021 Ethics Charterhere.

Furthermore, our employees received a mandatory training to ensure a better understating of this Charter and be aware of our engagements.

Ethic committee

The Ethics Committee is responsible for creating conditions to help our employees embrace the principles of our Ethics Charter and making sure its principles are applied by everyone in their day-to-day work.
The Committee listens and helps individual employees to discuss any topic related to implementing or complying with the Ethics Charter and makes sure that all our subsidiaries implement the principles set out in the Charter.
The Ethics Committee is composed of the following members:

  • Olfa Zorgati, EVP Operations & Chief Financial Officer
  • Corinne Romefort-Régnier, SVP General Secretary & Governance
  • Joaquin Castano Teso, Group Quality Director
  • Yannick Charron, VP Human Resources

The Ethics Committee can be reached atethics[at]esi-group.com

Gender equality

For several years, ESI Group has been implementing a CSR approach into all its actions and strategies. In fact, the Group has formalized a strategy organized around 4 pillars: Employees, Customers, Civil Society and the Planet.

To strengthen this initiative, ESI joined the UN Global Compact in 2018. Thus, the Group has strengthened and reorganized its CSR strategy by integrating 10 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations. One of these Goals is gender equality.

"Gender equality" is fully integrated into the Group's strategy.

In France, "Equal pay for equal work" has been a principle of labor law for several decades. Nevertheless, gaps persist. In this respect, theAvenirlaw aims to eliminate the pay gap between men and women.

In this perspective, each year, companies with 50 employees or more must calculate the gender equality index and publish the obtained score.

Please note that, given the global health context, ESI did not carry out a global review of its salaries during the year 2020, which had an impact on the index result (as presented below) and in particular the indicator concerning employees returning from maternity leave. In this particular context, ESI is continuing its policy of monitoring professional equality and plans to establish a specific action plan in that sense.

This index is calculated on the basis of various indicators:

  • the gender pay gap;
  • the difference in individual salary increase rates;
  • the difference in promotion rates between women and men;
  • the rate of female employees who received a salary increase in the year following their return from maternity leave;
  • the number of employees of the under-represented gender among the 10 highest paid employees.

The goal is for each company to reach a minimum score of 75/100. If a company does not exceed this threshold, it has three years to comply, failing which it may be sanctioned up to 1% of its payroll.

In accordance with this regulation, the ESI Group UES (ESI Group, ESI France & Civitec) in France has calculated its Gender Equality Index.

Below are the results:

  • The gender pay gap: 37/40;
  • The gap in individual rates of pay increase: 20/20;
  • The gap in promotion rates between women and men: 15/15;
  • The rate of employees having benefited from a salary increase in the year following their return from maternity leave: 0/15;
  • under-repre的员工的数量sented sex among the 10 highest paid employees: 5/10.

TOTAL: 77/100.

ESI Group has calculated this result considering the following principles:

  • The reference period used is the calendar year: from January 1 to December 31, 2020;
  • The scope of the analysis is 304 employees;
  • The calculations of the various indicators, in particular salary raises and return from maternity leave, are made at the level of socio-professional categories.


Every ESI employee must show integrity and to honor the commitments undertaken in their dealings with other employees, clients, suppliers, and other partners of our Company. All decisions must be made based on objective and transparent criteria. Any illegal and/or morally unacceptable action or practice is strictly prohibited.
Among the Actions taken to prevent corruption:

  • prohibition of any form of corruption in its relations with its business and institutional partners and with the administration,
  • no financial or in-kind gratuities may be given with a view to obtaining an advantage, nor may such gratification be received to benefit a company or person,
  • 如果一个员工让便利费或影响力uence-peddling in the course of their professional activities, he is likely to be subject to criminal penalties and its contract of employment will be terminated,
  • prohibition to receive, give, promise or solicitate facilitation payments or influence-peddling undue benefits with a view to granting, obtaining or maintaining a contract or any other advantage.

Non-discrimination policy

The Group's highly innovative solutions enable ESI to successfully develop its business throughout the world. As an international company, ESI Group is proud to be able to have a multicultural and diversified workforce. The Group has always valued differences and encouraged its employees to share their ideas across borders in order to create a modern and efficient work environment, able to better support its international customers. ESI Group strives to daily develop its know-how and expertise in recruiting the best talent from around the world.

In order topromote diversity and reduce inequalitieswithin the Group, ESI is committed to:

  • promote diversity and multicultural exchanges;
  • increase the proportion of female employees with permanent contracts;
  • comply with laws and regulations prohibiting any discrimination based on age, race, sex, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, health, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, political or philosophical opinions, union membership or other characteristics protected by locally applicable law;
  • not tolerate any form of sexual, physical or moral harassment, coercion or persecution.


We at ESI Group, a largely multi-cultural international company, are always strengthening and improving our process Management.
Our goal, by promoting the process approach, is to bring about true customer satisfaction and to meet our customers' expectations for the quality of the products and services that we provide.
ESI Group's Executive Management is committed to continually improving the performance of all our activities: designing, developing and promoting our software solutions; and our associated services (technical support, customer training, and consulting). This policy focuses on attaining customer satisfaction while meeting our growth and profitability objectives.

Read more below about the following topics:ISO 9001 certification obtained in the 2000's, TISAX® (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) certification obtained in 2019 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


ESI Group has been ISO 9001-certified since the 2000’s and has always oriented its Quality approach to develop a worldwide certification for the entire Group, thereby aiming to align its business activities under the same operational criteria for all its subsidiaries.

This approach has recently been supplemented by the transition to the 2015 version, which is an additional asset to strengthen process management and facilitate the implementation of risk management, thereby ensuring long term and effective prevention.

The key benefits ofISO 9001 certificationare:

  • The ability to deliver high quality software products to market on time and with reduced costs
  • The implementation of a quality management system that allows a global harmonization and improvement of worldwide internal processes.


ESI Group obtained TISAX® (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) certification in 2019 for ESI MECAS (Czech Republic) and ESI GmbH (Germany) and will be extended to ESI Hispania (Spain) in 2020. Based on an Information Security Management System (ISMS) close to ISO 27001, this certification is adapted to the requirements of the Automotive sector in order to secure the creation and exchanges between the different stakeholders.

TISAX®is an assessment and exchange mechanism established by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). It is based on the Information Security Assessment (ISA) developed by VDA. TISAX® allows information security assessments to be recognized at all companies in the automotive industry and provides a common standard for auditing and for sharing information.


Data protection is about safeguarding the fundamental right to privacy in the era of new technologies. Hence, individuals need to have the means to exercise their right to privacy and protect themselves and their data from abuse.
ESI Group, as a French company, comply with this regulation, which is supervised in France, by the CNIL (National Commission on Informatics & Liberty) as local authority.